City of Prague

Prague is often called a golden city of hundred spires  – and there is a lot of truth in this description.

The capital of the Czech Republic was lucky to escape the air raids and destruction of the second world, so whatever you are able to see  is „original“.

Prague is famous for combination of all architectural styles – old Romanesque rotundas and basilicas, Gothic cathedrals and synagogues, Renaissance summer seats and palaces, Baroque churches and Rococo palaces, and many buildings built in neoclassicism, art nouveau, cubism, and functionalism styles. Of course, there are some jewels of modern architecture, too.

Being situated in the heart of Europe, Prague is a cultural hub of arts, theatres, and music. World famous Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and Music Festival Prague Spring,  theatre Laterna Magica, puppet theatre Spejbl and Hurvinek are only some examples of the vivid cultural arena which offers something for every taste.

Czech cuisine became famous for its dumplings, cabbage (sauerkraut) and pork, sirloin cream, sweet plum dumplings and pancakes. All that can be accompanied by a glass of quality Moravian wine or famous Pilsner Urquell or Budwar beer (besides other types of beer of high quality brewed in small breweries).

We can also offer you a visit in a family run Café-Bar in the centre of Prague called Elysium – by that you can get in touch with the real atmosphere of Prague and its young population, not just the tourist one. The address: Na Bojišti 8, Praha 2 – Nové Město. Tel. +420 773689874. Details to be found at: (Czech language only)

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